To get a good idea of what the RIse Up Challenge experience is all about, read through some of our past participants thoughts.

We believe in the strength of our events. We’ve devoted our love, sweat and passion into creating an experience that's full of fun and excitement and challenges you at the same time.

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“Had a great time today Guys! You gave us a great challenge I quite enjoyed it.”



"The Rise Up Challenge was amazing! Although we did not complete it, we did love each and every challenge that we had done! This is an event to test your limits! You will be tested, but you will most certainly achieve what you thought you wouldn't!"



“It was an amazing day, I had a fantastic time, I was challenged and encouraged, had some super “team building” moments, felt very excited and happy to be able to finish.”



"This type of race is not to be taken lightly, it takes a special kind of crazy."



“Thank you Rise Up Challenge for your hard work and vision to plan, organize and deliver an amazing race. As with many events there were a few hiccups but this did not detract from the race. The volunteers were amazing. Thanks to each of yours you encouraged and supported us. The route and obstacles took advantage of our amazing river valley. At the end of a beautiful day (thanks boys for making sure the weather cooperated) we spend a day meeting like-minded friends, got some great exercise and some of us pushed our physical and mental abilities to a new level. Thanks for making this happen.”



"Most challenging thing I have ever done!! Great group of people and great exercise!. Bring on the 1km of burpees!"



“Rise Up was one of the toughest mental challenges I’ve ever had to go through! But with the support and encouragement of everyone involved (racers, volunteers, founders) it was one of the best experiences of my life! A race that will forever be one of my best because it showed me what I’m actually capable of!”



"If you want to be challenged - this is the race for you! RUC:Blackout tested my physical limits and mental fortitude."



“I was quite nervous when I first signed up for Rise Up Challenge: Inception (you never know how competitive these runs can be), but one of my goals in life is to “jump in” regardless of whether I’m good, bad, or ugly… and the RUC boys made me feel at ease and completely welcomed! The event was custom made to include all levels of fitness, and while there were certainly athletes participating that were “in-it-to-win-it” (and were still commenting on its challenging nature)….. no one was left feeling anything but an amazing sense of accomplishment. Those that finished early, headed out on the course to help others (if they wanted/needed the help). The obstacles that were incorporated were very creative, (apart from the standard and sometimes repetitive obstacles that you see in other OCR’s) and proved difficult, but not impossible (with the mental grit). It was an incredible experience, and I have and will be signing up for all future RUC events! Much love! I am hooked!”



"Rise Up Challenge: Blackout was a perfect storm combining darkness, difficult challenges & tough weather conditions to test both your physically and mental grit"



"Last night I embarked on a crazy adventure with the love of my life and three great friends. For those that do not know, it was a race put on by Cody Price and his Rise Up Challenge crew and was appropriately called the Blackout as it was done in the complete darkness with only headlamps for light (for the most part). Originally there were 11 of us ladies that were entered together, but due to unfortunate injuries and such, it ended up being Rebecca, Mel and I left (so we recruited two of our husbands to join us – Scott had another idea of ‘date night’ in mind which he reminded me of many times through the night…). Race started at 8:00 p.m. and we finished right at the 10 hour mark – yes, that would be 6:00 a.m. this morning. It was INSANE. Nothing like I have ever experienced before. It was GRUELLING and WET and MUDDY and COLD, and although there were moments (Army crawl with our legs duct taped for a mile anyone?) where we questioned why the hell we thought this would be a good idea, not once did we contemplate quitting. We started as a team and finished as a team and I am so glad to have done this with these great people. Oh…and so glad it’s over. LOL. If anyone is looking for the challenge of a lifetime, I highly recommend you check out the Rise Up Challenge events coming up! Now, I think I’m going to have the second nap of the day…"

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