• Cody Price

The F.M.L

After this workout to prep you for obstacle course racing you should have no more energy left in the tank. This workout is designed to be tough and you will need to push yourself to get the full benefits of it. If you have the drive and the persistence to keep going, than you have a kick-ass workout.


  • Choose 5 - 10 Exercises

  • Do first exercise

  • Do as many reps as you can in 30 sec.

  • Followed by 1 set of suicide sprints ( place 5 cones on the ground 20’ apart)

  • Repeat for process for each exercise.

Once you complete each exercise and the suicide sprint to go with it, you are done 1 round.

The goal is to do as many rounds as you can in 30 min.

This workout is best done outdoors with bodyweight exercises. You can use any equipment you want for the exercises, we just like to use minimum equipment so we can do the workout anywhere, at any time.

To increase difficulty try the following: 

  • Add more cones to the suicide sprints

  • Add time to the exercise reps

  • Time yourself and try to beat it next time you do the workout.


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