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The Tower

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

This workout structure is called "The Tower" and it adds an element of variety and difficulty to any program.  

You can set up the workout to be isometric or a full-body workout. You can build it to focus on Cardio, or Strength, or both.  

The example below is a a full body, high rep, fast paced,  ”puddle of sweat when your done” type of workout. 

  • Find a spot where you can run for 1 minute. 

  • After each run perform an exercise. 

  • 10 reps 

  • After youre done the exercise, run for 1 minute.  

Once you get back from the second run, repeat the first exercise and add on a second exercise. 

Repeat this process for 10 rounds. 

Example (for OCR Training): 

By the end of the circuit you should have completed 10 minutes of running and 550 reps

Below are th eexercises.  

  • Make sure you do them in order. 

  • Make sure you do 10 reps of each exercise, each round. 

  • Push-ups 

  • Jumping Jacks 

  • Pull-ups 

  • Sit-ups 

  • Kettle Bell Swing 

  • Mountain Climbers 

  • Burpees 

  • Reverse Crunch 

  • Box Jumps 

  • Shoulder Press 

The great thing about this workout is that you can build your Tower with any exercises you want, so you can design it to fit with what you're training for. 

To increase difficulty try the following: 

  • Add distance or time to the run. 

  • Increase number of reps you do each round. 

  • Increase number of exercises in the Tower.

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